"Welcome Again." an OMORI Black Space Zine, is now live! Happy Halloween and please enjoy this ode to Black Space from the video game OMORI!
Please note that the zine as it is right now is being published via Canva. We sincerely apologize to readers who are trying to view this zine from a location that may not be able to access Canva links. For your convenience, a flat PDF and a video of the zine are included in the Digital Merch folder for you to peruse at your convenience! (Please note the flat PDF is static and therefore does not allow the various animations that are in the zine to play. If you would like to see the zine's animations, please refer to the video! Thank you!)

"Welcome Again." is a free and digital horror zine centered around Black Space in the indie video game OMORI. It released on Halloween (October 31) of 2023.Please be aware that both True Route and Hikikomori Route game spoilers are present as this zine features both Black Space and Black Space 2. Typical game warnings also apply to this zine, including: depictions of depression, anxiety, suicide, body horror, animal death, arachnophobia, and potentially others. A complete warning list is included in the zine's opening pages.

Mod Krissey

Obsessed with OMORI, unfortunately. Super excited to put together this particular spooky zine. Wearing a lot of hats for this one: Head Mod, SocMed Mod, Graphics & Layout Mod... a lot of odd things. Fae likes doing things.

Mod Téa

Téa's got a lot of love for Mari, a lot of stress over Mewo, and a lot of jokes when it comes to watermelon related incidents. Our insightful Writing Mod.

Mod Ronnie

Ronnie’s no stranger (haha, get it?) to exploring black space, but they’re still super excited to revisit it in this zine! Expect enthusiasm, and a few too many jokes at Basil’s expense. Our dynamic Art Mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zine?A zine is a small anthology of contributions by fans of a particular media or genre, designed to be distributed and shared among other fans. They usually contain art and writing, and in some cases, fan-made merch. This zine is themed around Black Space in the indie video game OMORI and will be completely free, released digitally on October 31, 2023.
Will ships be in this zine?As this is a zine centered around Black Space, it is not anticipated that romantic relationships will be present or depicted (the only exception to this would be content related to the in-game "Aubrey School" event).
What about AU's?As this zine showcases all that there is to canonically experience in Black Space, AU's may not be the best fit.
Will this zine cost money?No, this digital zine and any/all of its digital goods will be completely free to download.
Will this zine have spoilers?Yes, for both the True Route and Hikikomori Route.
Is gore allowed?Game-typical gore is allowed and to be expected, but with the caveat that all pitches are subject to mod approval. Gore that is deemed excessive will most likely not be allowed.
Is there a minimum age to apply as a contributor to this zine?Yes. Due to the nature of Black Space, we ask that all applicants are 16 years or older.
I do cosplay/make music/something else creative other than art or writing. Can I still apply?Absolutely! As this is a free and digital zine, we are open to incorporating and showcasing different art mediums. Please use the "Miscellaneous apps" to apply.
What if I'm interested in writing a meta analysis about a room/symbolism/something else in Black Space, instead of writing fanfiction? Can I do that?Yes! If analysis is your thing, we are open to your ideas and pitches and welcome you to apply. Please know, however, that all pitches are subject to mod approval.
Can I apply for multiple roles?Absolutely! But please know that if you are accepted, you will only be given one Black Space "room" assignment and therefore, only one role.
How many contributors will be accepted into this zine?As this is a completely digital zine, there is no pre-determined limit. At this time, we are anticipating accepting roughly 40-50 contributors total, including writers, artists, digital merch artists, and any other creator. This number does not include mods and guests. The final number of accepted contributors, however, could vary depending on the amount of applications received.
How will this zine be organized?Each contributor will be assigned a "room" of Black Space or Black Space 2 to depict. These assignments will be based on what rooms contributors indicate on their applications they would be most interested in working with, with the intention that no one receives a room they have no interest in. Black Space "room" assignments will be handed out via acceptance emails.
What is the word count limit for written pieces in this zine?Each written piece in this zine will have a maximum cap of 2,500 words.
I have a question that's not answered here.Please feel free to reach out to us via our Tumblr @omoriblackspacezine. We are here to help!